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A chemical perm and relaxer are two totally different directions. A relaxer is designed to straighten your curl pattern, so if you want your hair straight or to loosen your natural hair, relaxers are for that. A perm is designed to create curl, waves, and texture that is not natural.

Benefit For Perms and Relaxers

Perms and relaxers offer several benefits to individuals looking to change or manage their hair texture. Here are some of the advantages associated with these treatments:

Perms allow you to achieve a variety of looks, from soft waves to tight curls. They provide versatility and can help you change your hairstyle dramatically or add body and texture to your existing hair.

If you have naturally straight hair and desire curls or waves, a perm can significantly reduce the time and effort required for styling. With a perm, you can wake up with beautiful texture and enjoy effortless styling

Perms offer semi-permanent to permanent results, meaning that your new curls or waves can last for several months. This longevity saves you time and effort in daily styling routines.

Perms can provide volume and body to fine, limp hair, making it appear fuller and more voluminous. This is particularly beneficial for individuals seeking to achieve a voluminous and bouncy hairstyle.

Once you’ve had a perm, your hair will typically hold the shape and style for an extended period. This makes it easier to maintain your desired look without constant re-styling.

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